Animal Life Plus in your poultry barn

Traditional cleaning often takes a lot of time and effort and is stressful for people and the environment. Moreover, this can only be done between rounds. This makes it difficult to achieve the desired hygiene levels with traditional cleaning.
The Animal Life Plus automated barn cleaning offers an easy and safe solution that can be used in all barns. With this Dutch product based on microbiological cleaning agents specially developed for barn cleaning, stables are cleaned every day. This with all the benefits for people, animals and companies.

Animal Life Plus in your poultry barn.

Animal Life Plus in your poultry barn…

How does it work?

ALP-microbalance provides you with a permanently well maintained stable environment. It’s fully automated, making it even better for workers, animals and the outside environment.

Nature has perpetual cleaning properties achieved by micro-organisms working together in a balanced way. Animal Life Plus has taken the natural cleaning principle into the cleaning of the stables.

More information

The concept includes the following products


For thorough cleaning of all types of floors: solid, slatted, plastic and concrete.


For thorough cleaning of the barn walls, dividing walls, walkways and ceilings.

Spray +

For the automated spraying system in favour of continuous barn cleaning.

The concept